How SAPPHO FROM LESBOS cares about our planet.
Sappho from Lesbos ensures that all products will have minimum impact on the planet. As products are beautiful and functional simultaneously, we use recyclable packaging, approved environmentally friendly materials, and public donations to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.
Let’s be honest: hygiene products are hard to recycle. Still, we are making efforts to make it easier for you to recycle. Our shipping boxes and packaging are made of FSC-approved materials and are fully recyclable.
Sappho from Lesbos aims to reduce packaging and plastics used in different stages. We also suggest reuse boxes for planting or storage to reduce waste.
As a new brand, we will try our best to cling to environmental sustainability, as we believe in the value of it. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas about how to make our products more eco-friendly.