It’s more than the products themselves… Sappho from Lesbos believes we are making efforts together for a better world, and that’s why we give back partial profits to something more than the brand itself.
To help rural female students that can not go to school due to financial issues, Sappho from Lesbos works closely with NGOs in rural China to support female students in receiving education. A part of your purchase will be transformed into financial aid for rural female students, and we are making sure government-approved foundations and NGOs legally use your support.
To support women with disability for a better living, Sappho from Lesbos provides product donations and workshops for community members to embrace and care about themselves. The sexual needs of women with a disability should never be overlooked, and that is why we are working on workshops for their healthy living.
Each time you make a purchase, not only are you taking on a considerable step in self-care, but you are also helping females around the world. Together, we do believe that the world could change for good.